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Debris Haul-Away

Residential and Commercial Debris Haul-Away

A clean and well maintained job site is one of our secrets to safety. As your project is progressing we make it a priority to ensure a clean and hazzard free environment for our crews. We haul away structural debris from demolitions, organic materials such as trees and brush along with concrete from driveways, slabs and walkways. If it's not needed for your job site after we are done with our part, it's hauled-away using a wide range of equipment such as dump trucks, logger trucks and more.

Full Service

KJ Clearing and Grading offers our clients a safe, onschedule and right job site clearing experience every time. Our proven process is simple, fast and includes:

  • An in-person job site visit. We not the like the other guys, don't rely on google maps for estimates.
  • A written estimate outlining all known and optional costs and estimates delivered right to your email inbox
  • Detailed timeline expectations on both project start and project durations ensuring your project starts off right.
  • Fully Insured, our clients have the peace of mind to know their job site is protected at every moment
  • Talented and friendly crews on every project. We only utilize the best to ensure our clients receive the best experience.
  • Maintained and modern equipment to get the project completed without unexpected mechanical issues.


What Makes Us Different

Simple and Transparent Process designed for our valued and loyal clients
Talented, local and friendly crews are used on every job site
Projects are completed onschedule and right, every time

Still have a questions?

We're here, and happy to help you with your project in anyway we can. Reach out to us today and see for yourself why the best builders in the Triangle trust KJ Clearing and Grading.

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